December has seen the arrival of some new gear, namely the Nikon Z7ii. Here are some of the first shots taken with it in December 2020.
This next one is not a great photo by any means, but it's a milestone as it's the very first time I've managed to capture a kingfisher (across a lake). If there was ever at time I wish I had a 500mm to hand...!
Now some down at Brereton Heath Nature Reserve
Tegg's Nose
A short walk in these hills just east of Macclesfield.
Black & white seems good to reflect the bleakness in these snowy scenes.
Only ended up getting 2.5km from the car park because Jim wanted to take long exposures in the stream... inconsiderate I say.
Stopped off on my way home to try and get some golden hour colours on the Macclesfield road.
Partially successful...
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