More January
Trying my damndest to get something interesting during the worst photography month (well for me in England anyway).
First of all at Knypersley Reservoir...
Managed to creep up on this little fella. This was using the 70-200mm, the longest lens I have. Practically I don't think I'm going to get luckier than this with a Kingfisher without a glass upgrade!
And there's plenty of squirrels out and about.
And then back at Biddulph Grange country park I had another go at getting an interesting long exposure shot in the stream. Wet feet... AGAIN.
And I decided to wait at the lake to get the light just right. You can see how from these images that the right light can transform a photo, making it come to life.
and when the light hit...
and right at the end of January I decided to head back to Rudyard Lake for a wander round.
I'm tried a long exposure on the dam; but it doesn't really say anything special I don't think.
Some very old boats about on the lake.
Someone had set a hot disposable barbecue or something on the picnic bench...
And last of all... which do you prefer? B&W or colour?
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