A trip to Knutsford
19th February 2022
Knutsford is one of those places I've lived near to for a while but never had much chance or reason to visit. I've been missing out it seems; it's a pretty place.

Outside Knutsford Antiques, King Street

"Jack in the Green' or the Green Man is a May Day festival character from ancient beliefs in Gods or Spirits of nature, and represents the vitality of growing vegetation and its annual renewal around May. In Knutsford 'Jack in the Green' always appears near the front of the annual May Day procession. The sculpture is a permanent representation of the May Day celebration, which is important in giving the town a sense of tradition.
This sculpture is outside the Knutsford Heritage Centre, where the town's millennium tapestry can be found.
The Knutsford Millennium Tapestry  is the outstanding exhibit of the Heritage Centre, capturing life in Knutsford in the year 2000. The 40ft long tapestry contains 6,500,000 stitches across three panels named Tatton, Canute and Toft. It is truly an amazing piece of art which features a vast range of buildings and scenes and contains a number of 'easter eggs' - hidden stories and scenes.
Other interesting things in the Heritage Centre...
and a cheeky Cormorant on The Moor!
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