Deep Hayes & Cheddleton Railway Station
Due to various pieces of photography work it has been a month or so since I've ventured out to take photos for myself. After a long work week I took a stab in dark on google maps at somewhere I'd never been before and hoped for the best.
I have photographed far too many ducks. But anyway here's more!
Next I spotted some fast moving water through a channel at the edge of Deep Hayes Country Park that connects Cumberledge Pool to Caldon canal. This always makes me want to reach for a 10-stop filter...
This is a 2 minute exposure. Did the trick on the water, but it's not the most interesting subject matter!
From Fungi to gate valves from the mid-1800s... Deep Hayes has it all...
Next we move on to the Churnet Valley Railway at Cheddleton railway station. Turns out there was a polar express passing through!
and that's your lot.
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