Early May Bank Holiday
Took the Brompton folding bike to my car service and had a wee ride around South Park in Macclesfield.
Still in the riding spirit due to the ever more pleasant weather, I decided to take a ride to a local farm for eggs and discovered a nice little church along the way. Top tip: take a tea towel with you to wrap the box in so you don't get scrambled egg in your panniers!
As a total contrast, the weather descended on me on my walk up Tegg's Nose on the bank holiday Monday! Serious lens fog and water droplet issues to contend with.
These two spring lambs trotted up to say hello.
 Near the top of Tegg's Nose is the Quarry, along with an old swing saw and rock crusher built around 1920. This saw could only cut through stone at an excruciatingly slow 4-5cm per hour.
Until next time.
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